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InfoQ Homepage Presentations When There’s No Control, What Can You Do to Thrive?

When There’s No Control, What Can You Do to Thrive?



Katherine Kirk focuses on how to turn ‘survive’ into ‘thrive’, even in the face of what seems like impossible scenarios, political traps and unending oscillating difficulty.


Katherine Kirk e is a dynamic international speaker and experienced consultant who specializes specifically in working with top-level leaders, facilitators and coaches to develop transformative resilience in tough situations. Her approach is seen as a vital companion to Lean and Agile ways of working and bridges the gap between board level and team level interactions.

About the conference

Our focus recently has been to find new ways of running our Education courses so you can continue to upskill and get the training you need. Therefore, we can now delivery three of our courses remotely using technology that allows us to create engaging, interactive and fun environments in virtual classrooms.

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Sep 15, 2020