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Do We Need a Lean Manifesto?
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| by Francis Fish Follow 0 Followers on Apr 23, 2015 |

Francis Fish proposes a new agile manifesto that is influenced by Lean and the manufacturing movement.


Francis Fish first touched a computer, at the ripe old age of 23, in 1983. Because he wants to help other people get better, and pass what he learned in 30 years of struggling to get things done he founded the Lean Teams consultancy ( This consultancy runs tasters and courses on agile and lean approaches to getting things done.

Agile Cambridge is England's premiere practical, hands-on Agile software development conference, set in picturesque Cambridge. The sold-out 2014 conference featured Tom Gilb, Portia Tung, Nat Pryce and Steve Freeman as Keynotes and hosted 37 other sessions across 3 days of agile-focussed collaboration and peer-based learning.