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The Un-domestication of Learning
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| by Perry Timms Follow 0 Followers on Sep 02, 2016 |

Perry Timms explains how leaders can create a learning strategy, culture, community and energy to power themselves and their people to a future of better understanding and ability.


Perry Timms is Director of his own enterprise, PTHR, and founder of iPractice. Perry’s focus is around digitization and socialization of the future of learning and work: a topic on which he works, writes and speaks internationally. Perry is also CIPD Adviser – Social Media & HR, is a Chartered Member of the CIPD and a Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University.

Spark offers a mixture of inspirational talks from leaders who have achieved exceptional transformations alongside highly practical workshops to allow you to create tailored learning for your own needs. It’s an opportunity to learn, find inspiration and re-energise, allowing you to try loads of different courses in one place to know which would be the most useful / interesting for your people.