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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Modernizing Applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Modernizing Applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry



The presenters discuss using techniques and patterns such as Event Storming, Strangling, Starving, Slice Analysis and Domain Driven Decomposition to transform legacy apps for PCF.


Shaun Anderson is an Advisory Solutions Architect at Pivotal. Rohit Kelapure leads the Java Application Transformation consulting practice at Pivotal. Joe Szodfridt is a Principal Solutions Architect at Pivotal.

About the conference

Pivotal Training offers a series of hands-on, technical courses prior to SpringOne Platform. Classes are scheduled two full days before the conference and provide you and your team an opportunity to receive in-depth, lab-based training across some of the latest Pivotal technologies.

Recorded at:

May 24, 2018