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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Low Latency Trading Architecture at LMAX Exchange

Low Latency Trading Architecture at LMAX Exchange



Sam Adams presents an overview of the architecture LMAX Exchange uses to deliver over $2 trillion a year through their platform, and shares their experience of how taking a scientific approach to testing and tuning software has helped them to build a high-availability stateful system.


Sam Adams is currently the Head of Software Engineering at LMAX Exchange. He has had an eclectic career to date: variously modeling the metabolism of drugs and food additives, creating tools to manage and mine scientific data, and now building a high performance exchange at one of the UK's fastest growing Tech Companies.

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May 17, 2017

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  • Awe inspiring

    by Itzik Hagoel,

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    thanks very much for sharing. it really helps that there are good engineers sharing how they go about building production systems to counter the prevailing "let's glue bunch of bloated open source frameworks/libraries/tools together, ignore the hardware and 'optimize' by stacking more and more layers on top of one another " mentality.

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