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You Can Improve Scalability over 10 Years
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by Marton Anka on Sep 25, 2013 |

Marton Anka shares lessons learned and technical details scaling LogMeIn over a decade.


Marton Anka founded LogMeIn in 2003 and has been working there as CTO. Before that, he was the founder and Managing Director of 3am Labs BT, the developer of RemotelyAnywhere, the first web-based remote administration toolkit for Windows. LogMeIn has become the foremost provider of remote access services; it has over 40 million users and its products have been installed on over 100 M devices.

RAMP: A sold-out conference on how to scale backend systems at startups and fast growing companies designed for everyone who wanted to create MVPs that scale beyond expectations. It featured a great lineup of stories and presenters including Jeremy Edberg from Netflix (previously lead architect at Reddit), Rajiv Eranki (formerly lead server architect at Dropbox), and Theo Schlossnagle (OmnIT).

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