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Rockstar Memcaching



In this presentation from RubyFringe, Tobias Lütke talks about memcached, the widely used caching solution. Tobias explains how to use it and gives some practical tips on what not to do.


Tobias Lütke is a co-founder of jadedPixel, creator of Shopify – one of the largest Rails applications on the web. He has been part of the Ruby on Rails core team since its inception and has released numerous open source libraries such as Liquid Markup and ActiveMerchant. Tobi regularly writes about Ruby, future web technologies, and advertising on

About the conference

RubyFringe is an avant-garde conference for developers that are excited about emerging Ruby projects and technologies. They're mounting a unique and eccentric gathering of the people and projects that are driving things forward in our community.

Recorded at:

Oct 28, 2008