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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The Complexity That Is Hidden in Microservices and Event Sourcing

The Complexity That Is Hidden in Microservices and Event Sourcing



Satyajit Ranjeev shares his experience building an event sourcing system with microservices, including tips and trade-offs dealing with them.


Satyajit Ranjeev has dabbled with computers from a very young age of 10 when a language called LOGO got him hooked. Professionally he has built infrastructures, created Intelligent Character Recognition systems, a recommendation engine, a school management system and dabbled with a lot of half baked code from debuggers to queues. He currently works with OptioPay a Fintech company.

About the conference

Micro Services are a new paradigm for software architecture: small services in separated processes take the place of large applications. This way monolithic architecture can be avoided, and systems are easily scalable and changeable. The microXchg conference looks at a variety of aspects of Micro Services.

Recorded at:

Jun 09, 2017

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Community comments

  • Ouch.

    by Luke Horton,

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    This talk really highlights the risks involved when startups pick technologies that are new to them, or new in general, as the backbone of their product. I suggest spending much more time up front deeply evaluating the needs of your product and the offerings of any technology that might meet those needs before writing a single line of application code.

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