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Microservices for a Streaming World



Ben Stopford looks at the implications of mixing toolsets from the stream processing world into real-time business applications: how to effectively handle infinite streams, how to leverage a high throughput, persistent Log and deploy dynamic, fault tolerant, and streaming services.


Ben Stopford is a specialist in data technologies. He’s worked in Finance, at Thoughtworks and is now at Confluent. His experience cover a variety of fields including online trading, retail, High Performance Computing and building the central data platform for a large investment bank.

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May 01, 2016

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    by Mark Hudson,

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    I like the content of this talk, but the audio volume was too low. I mixed a boosted mono mix. Would it be OK if I uploaded it to SoundCloud? Or does the InfoQ staff want to control this?

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    by Charles Humble,

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    I’ve listened to the MP3 and it sounds completely fine to me - I wonder if it’s a problem with your headphones or device speakers?

    Regardless we’d rather you didn’t upload it to Soundcloud - obviously we provide these files for people to listen to for free but would much rather they didn’t wander too far

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    Charles Humble
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