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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Real-Time Decisions Using ML on the Google Cloud Platform

Real-Time Decisions Using ML on the Google Cloud Platform



Przemyslaw Pastuszka and Carlos Garcia present how Big Data is handled in Google Cloud Platform to build an end-to-end ML pipeline: how data is stored & processed in BigQuery, post-processed & copied with Dataflow, then used to train Deep Neural Network models with TensorFlow, how it's all orchestrated using Query Manager, how predictions are run in real-time using Cloud ML Engine and Datastore.


Przemyslaw Pastuszka is a ML Engineer at Ocado. He has helped the company move away from Oracle-centric analytics and transition all data-related operations into the cloud by building Google Cloud Platform tools. Carlos Garcia is Team Leader of the Fraud Detection team at Ocado. He has participated in the definition and implementation of a production-ready architecture of the new fraud systems.

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Apr 14, 2018