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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Using NLP to Categorize and Find Similar Web Pages

Using NLP to Categorize and Find Similar Web Pages



Thomas Levi shows how to categorize web pages by building a system that exploits techniques in natural language processing and topic modeling.


Thomas Levi, having started out with a PhD in Theoretical Physics and String Theory, decided to move into industry, taking the role of Senior Data Scientist at PlentyOfFish and then on to Director of Data Science at Unbounce in 2015. Thomas has been involved in behavior analysis, social network analysis, scam detection, Bot detection, matching algorithms, topic modelling and semantic analysis.

About the conference

Managing Big Data has become a major competitive advantage for many organizations and hence maintaining a proper analytics platform is vital for an organization's survival. This conference provides insights and potential solutions to address Big Data issues from well known experts and thought leaders through panel sessions and open Q&A sessions.

Recorded at:

Oct 30, 2016

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