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Oomph: Eclipse the Way You Want It



Ed Merks, Eike Stepper introduce Oomph, its architecture, and how to author a fully automated script that always produces the desired Eclipse development environment.


Ed Merks founded Macro Modeling, coauthored "EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework", has been a member of the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors and has received the Eclipse Lifetime Contribution Award. Eike Stepper is an independent consultant at his own company, ES-Computersysteme, and the leader of the CDO, Net4j and Oomph projects at Eclipse and a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council.

About the conference

EclipseCon North America is the annual conference for the Eclipse community. It is an opportunity for developers who use Eclipse technology to learn, explore, share and collaborate on the latest ideas and information about Eclipse technology and software development.

Recorded at:

May 21, 2015