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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Finally, Object-Oriented Programming without Objection

Finally, Object-Oriented Programming without Objection



Noel Welsh discusses the paradigm of the functional programmer, contrasting it with the paradigm of the object-oriented programmer, and considering if it is possible to reconcile the two.


Noel Welsh is a partner at Underscore, a Scala specialist consultancy. Prior to Underscore he worked on a variety of projects, including one of the first commercial products to apply machine learning to the Internet (eventually acquired by Omniture), a BAFTA award winning website, and a custom CMS used daily by thousands of students. He is an active writer, presenter, and open source contributor.

About the conference

ProgSCon The Programming Conference. A one day conference about Programming. It's open to everyone interested in the subject.

Recorded at:

Jun 23, 2016