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Killing Me Softly - with this Pair



Emmanuel Gaillot and Jonathan Perret perform a pair programming parody on stage, showing how not to do it.


Emmanuel Gaillot works as a team coach, (extreme) programmer, facilitator, trainer and systems jiggler. Emmanuel co-organizes Agile Open France and is co-founder of Paris Coding Dojo. Jonathan Perret is an agile-enlightened, test-infected, fun-seeking software developer. His current interests: advanced functional programming in Haskell, helping build and sustain /ut7, a very special cooperative.

About the conference

Joy of Coding is a one-day conference that celebrates the art, craft, science but foremost the joy of software development. It is a day for talking and collaborating with like-minded coders. The conference is not targeted towards a particular language or platform: any software developer that wants to learn, share and improve is invited.

Recorded at:

May 21, 2013