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Containers at Web Scale Panel



The panelists talk about the improvements in developer productivity, overall systems reliability and compute efficiency at Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Uber. They also talk about how these improvements have been delivered, what lessons were learned during implementation and operations, and what the future looks like in the container management space.


Kenny Yu is a Software Engineer at Facebook. Victor Marmol is a Staff Software Engineer at Google. Andrew Leung is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, where he helps design, build, and operate Titus. Xiaojian Huang is the first engineer starting the container effort in Uber 3 years ago, and later transit into management role with a team that build container infrastructure.

About the conference

Software is changing the world. QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. A practitioner-driven conference, QCon is designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams.

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Jul 24, 2018