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Product Management of AI Products



Manjeet Singh discusses how to bring AI to enterprise product lines, how to analyze, plan, and design AI in a SaaS environment along with practices and lessons learned from Agile AI product lifecycle.


Manjeet Singh is a product management leader for an enterprise product line with a billion+ dollar run rate at ServiceNow. In his current role, he is driving Insights in ITSM Apps through Artificial Intelligence and ML (NLP, Chat Bots, Benchmarks and Continuous Improvement). He has a experience in Software Development, Data Analytics, Quality Management, Service Management, PM and Strategy.

About the conference

The 6th Annual Global Big Data Conference is extended to three days based on feedback from participants. The event will feature many of the Big Data thought leaders from the industry. Annual Global Big Data Conference is an event acclaimed for its highly interactive sessions.

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Nov 10, 2018