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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Cheats & Liars: The Martial Art of Protocol Design

Cheats & Liars: The Martial Art of Protocol Design



Pieter Hintjens presents strategies and tactics - lifecycles, versioning, modeling, code generation, implementations, community building- for creating successful protocols that stand the test of time.


Pieter Hintjens (@hintjens) started his first business making video games 30 years ago and has been building software products since then. Believing that, "the real physics of software is the physics of people", he focuses on building communities through "Social Architecture", writing, and building his businesses. He is the lead maintainer of ZeroMQ, and CEO of iMatix Corporation.

About the conference

Code Mesh, the Alternative Programming Conference, focuses on promoting useful non-mainstream technologies to the software industry. The underlying theme is "the right tool for the job", as opposed to automatically choosing the tool at hand. By bringing together users and inventors of different languages and technologies (new and old), speakers will get the opportunity to inspire, to share experience, and to increase insight. Via presentations and case studies, we aim to raise awareness and extend the knowledge of all participants, mainstream and non-main stream users alike.

Recorded at:

May 30, 2015