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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Building Real-time Web Applications with Stratified JavaScript

Building Real-time Web Applications with Stratified JavaScript



Alexander Fritze shows how to build real-time web app with Conductance, a web app server built on Stratified JavaScript which includes support for modularity and composability of asynchronous code.


Alexander Fritze (@alexfritze) is the creator of the Stratified JavaScript language and cofounder of Oni Labs, a company with the mission to fundamentally re-engineer the web app stack and radically simplify the creation of complex web applications.

About the conference

mloc.js 2014 is a conference for people interested in the future of the language and the platform, the possibilites of JavaScript on the web and on the server side. For people doing or planning to do big JavaScript projects. And for people would like to see how is it possible to improve JavaScript by making it smarter, faster and sexy.

Recorded at:

Jul 24, 2014