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Reason: JavaScript-Flavored OCaml
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| by Jared Forsyth Follow 0 Followers on Feb 04, 2018 |

Jared Forsyth introduces Reason, OCaml with a JS syntax, covering its basics, how to write React UIs, how to adopt it, what the trade-offs are and how it compares to other languages.


Jared Forsyth is a mobile and web developer at Khan Academy, where he's working to lower barriers to education around the world. He wrote the React Devtools extension for Chrome and Firefox, and enjoys experimenting with syntax, type theory, and design.

We believe in functional reactive programming. It makes us very happy, that React popularized FRP among the masses. We love React. In fact, we became the first agency in the world doing React development – our first React project began just a week after its release. However, it isn’t the only interesting technology out there. Back in 2015, we wanted to see sharing and cross-pollination of ideas from wider Reactive community, not only React. And we felt, something like that was missing. To change that, we decided to start a conference, where we would invite interesting and sometimes niche speakers representing the wide spectrum of modern functional technologies.