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Release Testing Is Risk Management Theatre



Steve Smith discusses why Release Testing is an anti-pattern, and offers an alternative risk reduction strategy.


Steve Smith is an Agile consultant and Continuous Delivery specialist at Always Agile Consulting Ltd. Steve is a co-author of the Continuous Delivery and DevOps book “Build Quality In“, a co-organizer of the monthly London Continuous Delivery meetup group, a co-organizer of the annual PIPELINE conference, and a regular conference speaker. Steve blogs at

About the conference

Agile Cambridge is England's premiere practical, hands-on Agile software development conference, set in picturesque Cambridge. The sold-out 2014 conference featured Tom Gilb, Portia Tung, Nat Pryce and Steve Freeman as Keynotes and hosted 37 other sessions across 3 days of agile-focussed collaboration and peer-based learning.

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May 07, 2015