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Re-thinking Lean Service



Taiichi Ohno discovered some counter-intuitive truths as he developed the Toyota System. Similar counter-intuitive truths wait to be discovered by leaders of service organisations. When they are understood and applied, service organisations' performance is transformed to levels that, to the current mind-set, would be considered unachievable.


John Seddon is an occupational psychologist, researcher and leading authority on change in organisations, making significant contributions to the role of human factors in quality. Author of the best-selling I Want you to Cheat: The unreasonable guide to service and quality in organisations, John is an outspoken critic of ISO 9000. John has a reputation for being controversial, but informed.

About the conference

The Lean and Kanban 2009 event was created to drive further progress in software development by providing a unique opportunity to share best practices and innovation within the growing community of software engineers, managers, and executives adopting Lean and Kanban systems. It provides a unique opportunity to meet with and learn directly from industry luminaries and practitioners from around the world.

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Jan 03, 2010