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Polyglots Unite!



In this talk from FutureRuby, Foy Savas explains how to approach the concept of polyglot programming. Hint: an open mind helps.


Foy Savas ( is the author of _The Merb Way_, a contributor to numerous open source projects, and the director of Assembly consulting.

About the conference

FutureRuby isn't a Ruby conference, but a conference for Rubyists. This is a call to order - a congress of the curious characters that drew us to this community in the first place. We have a singular opportunity to express a long-term vision, a future where Ruby drives creativity and prosperity without being dampened by partisan politics.

Recorded at:

Nov 13, 2009

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Community comments

  • For the first half of the video

    by josh ribakoff,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    I thought you were just going to diss PHP, only until about 7:00 in did it occur to me you were being facetious

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