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Building a Trading Platform in 6 Weeks in an Organization That Would Really Rather We Didn't
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| by Lance Walton Follow 0 Followers on Jun 22, 2014 |

Lance Walton shares the experience of a small team building a trading platform in 6 weeks in Scala and Lift while fighting against an opposing organizational culture.


Lance Walton (@lancewalton) is a Founding Partner of Underscore. He has 20 years of software architecture, design and development experience in financial markets, investment banking, health provision, Internet technologies and academic research. He is a Scrum Master and XP coach, mentor and adviser in Agile Methods. Lance has worked with Java since 1995 and Scala since 2009.

Code Mesh London is an annual conference dedicated to non-mainstream languages and technologies. In 2013 it featured over 50 talks from experts in languages, libraries, operating systems and technologies that handle the programming and business challenges of today. Languages discussed include Haskell, Clojure, Erlang, Elixir, Rust, Go and Julia.