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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The Service-Delivery Review: The Missing Agile Feedback Loop

The Service-Delivery Review: The Missing Agile Feedback Loop



Matthew Philip introduces the service-delivery review as a feedback forum, explaining the basics of how to conduct a service-delivery review and the benefits, as well as typical fitness metrics.


Matthew Philip is the Director of Learning and Development at ThoughtWorks. In his work as a coach, trainer, quality advocate and facilitator, Matt helps organizations and teams become fit for their purpose through continuous learning. He draws on lean and agile values, principles and practices (Kanban Method, XP, Scrum) to offer experience, models and options to customers and teammates.

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Deliver is a conference that brings people together to uncover better ways to deliver software and provide value within your organization and for your customers. Deliver is a conference for designers, testers, architects, project managers, developers, business analysts, product managers, infrastructure professionals, and others.

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Dec 29, 2017