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Joy of Coding 2013 Keynote: Michael Feathers



Michael Feathers keynotes on the history of programming, what brings joy to this activity and why developers like it.


Michael Feathers is an independent consultant, an active member of the software development community and a member of the ACM and IEEE. He regularly speaks at software conferences around the world. His key passion is helping teams surmount problems and connect with practices that make software development fun and enriching. Michael is the author of the book 'Working Effectively with Legacy Code'.

About the conference

Joy of Coding is a one-day conference that celebrates the art, craft, science but foremost the joy of software development. It is a day for talking and collaborating with like-minded coders. The conference is not targeted towards a particular language or platform: any software developer that wants to learn, share and improve is invited.

Recorded at:

Apr 24, 2013