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The Next Decade of Software Development



Joel Semeniuk gives a keynote on the next decade of software development, what the trends are, what is driving them, and what the role of innovation is in all of this.


Joel Semeniuk is a founder and Chief Innovation Officer/Incubation Director at Imaginet Resources Corp., a Canadian based Microsoft Gold Partner and the #1 Small to Medium Sized Employer in Canada. Joel also served as the Executive Vice President of Innovation and Agile Project Management at Telerik. He is also a Corporate Microsoft Regional Director and previously a Microsoft MVP.

About the conference

Deliver is a conference that brings people together to uncover better ways to deliver software and provide value within your organization and for your customers. It is a conference for designers, testers, architects, project managers, developers, business analysts, product managers, infrastructure professionals, and others.

Recorded at:

Nov 18, 2016

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Community comments

  • Nice one

    by Nikola Petrov,

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    Really nice talk. The presenter also gets the attention properly the whole time (y).

  • Yes!!! A must

    by Jose Sanmartin,

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    With so much "Digital Transformation" chitchat around, Joel focus on real change points arriving.

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