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Move Faster and Break Even More Things



Marcus Frodin discusses a few failures he has overseen at Spotify, deriving a framework of how to think about and evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and how to get more of the things that did. Note: contains strong language.


Marcus Frodin leads the Partners & Emerging Platforms tribe at Spotify, where he and a group of 100 engineers, product managers and designers imagine and build the future of music on TVs, in cars, living rooms, speakers and apps. He spends most of his time building great teams and shipping a fantastic organization that can deliver amazing product.

About the conference

Spark offers a mixture of inspirational talks from leaders who have achieved exceptional transformations alongside highly practical workshops to allow you to create tailored learning for your own needs. It’s an opportunity to learn, find inspiration and re-energise, allowing you to try loads of different courses in one place to know which would be the most useful / interesting for your people.

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Sep 06, 2016