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InfoQ Homepage Presentations No Outage Database Development with Spring Boot and Liquibase

No Outage Database Development with Spring Boot and Liquibase



Alan Barrington-Hughes and Pavithra Ramaswamy discuss some key concepts in agile database refactoring with working examples of embedded Liquibase change sets within a Spring Boot application, demonstrating a no outage deployment using nginx to simulate a blue-green deployment. While upgrading blue, green would still be available and functioning.


Alan Barrington-Hughes works as a Software Architect at Premier INC. His specialties: Java, Spring, J2EE, XML, JAXP, HTML, JavaScript, Continuous Integration /Continuous Delivery (Jenkins), Build (Maven / Ant), Test automation etc. Pavithra Ramaswamy works as a Sr Software Engineer at Premier INC. She is an IT professional with years of hands-on experience developing enterprise applications.

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Nov 24, 2016