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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Hacking Spring Boot Applications Using Visual Studio Code

Hacking Spring Boot Applications Using Visual Studio Code



Rome Li, Martin Lippert give an overview of what is possible (and what is not yet) when using Visual Studio Code as a premier development environment for Spring Boot applications.


Rome Li is Senior Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft. Martin Lippert is Principal Software Engineer, Pivotal.

About the conference

Pivotal Training offers a series of hands-on, technical courses prior to SpringOne Platform. Classes are scheduled two full days before the conference and provide you and your team an opportunity to receive in-depth, lab-based training across some of the latest Pivotal technologies.

Recorded at:

Mar 09, 2019

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  • Great presentation

    by tusted dxva,

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    Great presentation, I'm definitely gonna try VS Code with my Java Spring Boot apps.

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