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Spring Data REST - Data Meets Hypermedia



Roy Clarkson and Greg Turnquist provide a quick overview of the Spring Data REST project, explains fundamental design decisions and introduces new features of the latest version (namely service documentation and discoverability). They also present the Spring-A-Gram sample application (built using Spring Data REST), focusing on the implementation of the front-end bits and pieces.


Roy Clarkson is Spring engineer at Pivotal. Greg Turnquist is Test-bitten script junky at Pivotal and member of the Spring team.

About the conference

Pivotal and No Fluff Just Stuff bring you SpringOne 2GX 2014, a one-of-a-kind conference for application developers, solution architects, web operations and IT teams who develop business applications, create multi-device aware web applications, design cloud architectures, and manage high performance infrastructure. The sessions are specifically tailored for developers using the hugely popular open source Spring IO projects, Groovy & Grails, Cloud Foundry, Hadoop and Tomcat technologies. Whether you're building and running mission-critical business applications, designing the next killer cloud or big data application, SpringOne 2GX will keep you up to date with the latest enterprise open source technology.

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Feb 14, 2015