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SpringOne 2017 Keynote 1



Join the Pivotal team and their customers for an update on the Spring ecosystem, including the release of Spring Boot 2.0. Simon Wardley also presents a guide to technical strategy, mapping and patterns of evolution.


Onsi Fakhouri, Rob Mee, Erich Gamma, Phillip Webb, Ranji Narine, Stéphane Nicoll, Madhura Bhave, Simon Wardley, John Heveran.

About the conference

Pivotal Training offers a series of hands-on, technical courses prior to SpringOne Platform. Classes are scheduled two full days before the conference and provide you and your team an opportunity to receive in-depth, lab-based training across some of the latest Pivotal technologies.

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Community comments

  • Video Quality

    by Cristiano Passos,

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    The video has a very low quality. Sometime is hard to even read the presentation.

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