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Strategies for Effectively Managing Legacy Systems
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| by Amit Uttam Derek Longmuir on Feb 12, 2010 |

In this ThoughtWorks Quarterly Technology Briefing, Amit Uttam and Derek Longmuir discuss what a legacy system is, the typical approaches to dealing with legacy systems, the cost of legacy systems, replacement strategies and techniques, technology asset portfolios, system health checks, executing a migration plan, "strangler" vs phased approaches, and continually evolving your system.

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Amit Uttam is a Senior Project Manager with ThoughtWorks, and bears the scars of legacy upgrade projects. He is actively engaged with several ThoughtWorks clients to manage new IT investments and system upgrades. Derek Longmuir is a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He has worked on and led several legacy system replacement efforts using a variety of techniques.

ThoughtWorks recently began hosting events for Business and IT Leaders as well as technology practitioners to share insight and best practice across the industry. The briefings and the Exec Breakfast series are all grounded in reality - speakers are active practitioners, passionate about their work. The events focus on technology in relation to business issues, rather than being deeply technical.