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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Pivot! (Let’s Talk about Tech, Climate and Mapping)

Pivot! (Let’s Talk about Tech, Climate and Mapping)



Sal Freudenberg and Chris Adams discuss the climate, its impact on the world, and the role of technology in preventing global warming.


Sal Freudenberg is a Neurodiversity advocate, autist, XR, climate anxious, mobber, Psychology of programming researcher, Chaos monkey. Chris Adams is interested in science & justice. Also in coffee, cities, UX & code.

About the conference

It started as a tweet from Simon Wardley asking if anyone would like to have "a small meetup in London on mapping". It had so much interest that it quickly turned into a full day event. Map Camp is now a series of events including workshops and talks about mapping techniques used in organisations.

Recorded at:

Jan 19, 2020

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