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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Capacity Planning - TOC Applied to Creating Organizational Portfolios

Capacity Planning - TOC Applied to Creating Organizational Portfolios



Chris Matts leads an experimental workshop on using the Theory of Constraints to create an organizational investment portfolio.


Chris Matts has been helping Skype for the past two years with a mixture of Enterprise Level Transformation and Team Level Coaching. Chris implemented the Quarterly Capacity Planning process whilst at Skype, a process to identify the constraints in the organization and facilitate executive level resource prioritization.

About the conference

Lean Kanban United Kingdom is the conference for managers, team leads, consultants and executives who want to more reliably deliver the products and services their customers demand.In 2 days, learn how to achieve improved business agility through faster, more predictable and more flexible service delivery. Includes case studies (Skype, iTV, and more), workshops, and industry metrics.

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Jan 13, 2015