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The Tools We’ve Built to Test a Game Engine



Dmytro Mindra discusses the tools and practices used for a game engine: Unit Testing and Test automation, Unity Runtime Test Framework, Continuous Integration, Game Test Framework, Performance Tests.


Dmytro Mindra has been developing commercial software for almost a decade. In his own words: “Programming is my hobby, my profession, my calling, my art. It is a world without boundaries, without physical limitations. It is a world where only your fantasy is the limit.” | | Dmytro often speaks at Odessa .Net User Group meetings and various conferences.

About the conference

“BUILD STUFF” Conference is a Software Development Conference created for developers, team leaders, software architects and technical project managers. Our goal is to bring world class speakers to share innovations, latest developments, new trends and directions in software development world to the Baltics.

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Aug 03, 2014