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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Beating the Traffic Jam Using Embedded Devices, OPC-UA, Akka and NoSQL

Beating the Traffic Jam Using Embedded Devices, OPC-UA, Akka and NoSQL



The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is building a new infrastructure for road traffic measurements, and the system will provide near real-time information as publicly available open data. Kristoffer Dyrkorn presents the experience gained underway, such as architectural choices, tradeoffs and mistakes - and knowledge from integrating an unusual combination of software, protocols and hardware.


Kristoffer Dyrkorn is a Scientist at BEKK Consulting, a leading Norwegian business and technology consulting firm. He has been a developer, team lead or solution architect the latest 15 years and has broad experience from a variety of fields such as search engines, performance tuning, NoSQL for analytics and 3D graphics.

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May 10, 2015