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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Cloud Foundry: Cloud Native, Community, and Momentum

Cloud Foundry: Cloud Native, Community, and Momentum



Jared Wray talks about the current industry trends forming and how Cloud Foundry is working together around this in the open. He also talks about contributions and where we see more and more of this taking place from single contributors to major companies and how this plays out.


Jared Wray is a Builder, Founder and Investor. He is an early cloud pioneer and a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for building platforms and robotics. He created the Iron Foundry open source project to enable .NET on the Cloud Foundry. He builds and invests in companies. Wray is an advisor and investor to companies including and Fons.

About the conference

SpringOne Platform brings together the people, process and tools for delivering and operating software services. Learn and share with the startups and enterprises leveraging modern Java with Spring connecting all the pieces of the modern software puzzle from developer, operator, architect, data scientist to executive.

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Nov 01, 2016