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Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams



Steffan Surdek introduces key Tribal Leadership models for Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Development managers or anyone else interested in a better understanding the teams they are working with.


Steffan Surdek is an Agile Coach in Montreal. In his previous life, he coached distributed teams at IBM, facilitated two day disciplined agile workshops and was one of the co-leads of the Agile Community. Steffan speaks at various conferences and user groups about using agile practices with distributed teams.

About the conference

The Toronto Agile Community presents the 5th Annual Agile Tour conference being held at the Hilton Toronto on October 29th. This popular conference has sold out each year, providing attendees and sponsors with numerous opportunities to benefit from this lively, informative and interactive event.

Recorded at:

Jan 25, 2014