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One Weird Trick for Making Perfect Software



Pieter Hintjens teaches a trick he is using daily to create better software clients.


Pieter Hintjens is a writer, hacker, and public speaker who has spent decades building large software systems and on-line communities. He founded ZeroMQ in 2007, and in 2013 launched the Edge Net project to build a fully secure, anonymous peer-to-peer Internet. He is the author of “ZeroMQ – Messaging for Many Applications”, “Code Connected”, and “Culture and Empire: Digital Revolution”.

About the conference

Begun in 2012 this now annual conference hosted in Vilnius, Lithuania brings the best of the developer world to the Baltic's. The overall theme is building stuff, we have a heavy focus on lessons from trenches from the people that were there.

Recorded at:

Mar 13, 2015