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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Uber Trip Experiences: Unlocking Your Platform's Potential

Uber Trip Experiences: Unlocking Your Platform's Potential



Andrew Noonan walks through the evolution of the Uber Developer Platform, the launch of Trip Experiences, and the future of the Uber platform.


Andrew Noonan works on the Developer Platform team at Uber, helping to shape how developers will tap into Uber's logistics network to build moving experiences. Andrew has been working on developer platforms since founding and running the Developer Relations program at Gnip. Since then he has spent time at Twitter and Asana in similar capacities. He is passionate about APIs, travel and skiing.

About the conference

APIdays is the largest Australian conference dedicated to the business and technology of Web APIs. It brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs and technologists to discuss, collaborate and learn about building the platforms that support new business models.

Recorded at:

Jun 24, 2016