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Learning to See, Learning to Lead; The Vanguard Method



David Joyce discusses how organizations can solve their super-ordinate problems through the use of the Vanguard Method.


David Joyce is an Executive Consultant, Systems Thinker and Lean practitioner who has 15 years of leadership experience, and 20 years experience in the technology industry. He is a recipient of the Lean SSC Brickell Key award, a founding fellow of the Global Lean Systems Society, and has recently published a free eBook titled Theories of Work: How We Design and Manage Work.

About the conference

Agile Australia is built specifically for thought leaders, practitioners, and innovative business people who are serious about expanding their thinking and ways of working: at an individual and organisational level. Hear valuable insights from highly regarded keynotes, learn how to create high-quality solutions faster, and network with potential clients and collaborators.

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Jan 08, 2015