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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Open Source VI (vSphere) Java API for Managing VMware Platforms

Open Source VI (vSphere) Java API for Managing VMware Platforms



This talk gives an overview of VMware management APIs, the open source VI Java API, how to leverage VMware vSphere for your development, testing and deployment using the API, the basic concepts and object model of the API, how to configure vSphere/VMware Server, provisioning new virtual machines and managing their lifecycles, monitoring system performance, and automating system management.


Steve Jin is the author of the first VMware SDK book: VMware VI and vSphere SDK by Prentice Hall. He is a senior MTS at VMware, where he provides guidance to strategic partners, such as IBM, HP, Dell, NetApp, BEA, who build applications using VI (vSphere) SDK. In his spare time, he founded the VI (vSphere) Java API open source project, which is used by various commercial companies and developers.

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Apr 08, 2010