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Wavefront — Declarative Programming for the Cloud
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by Molham Aref on Mar 08, 2014 |

Molham Aref introduces LogicBox, a database that unites declarative programming (logic-based specifications) with cloud deployment over large datasets using the Datalog programming language.


Molham Aref is the founder and CEO of LogicBlox. Previously, he was CEO of Optimi, and has held executive positions at Predictix, Retek (now Oracle Retail), and HNC Software. He received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 1991.

SPLASH is home to OOPSLA, Onward! and DLS. OOPSLA is the forum for many important software developments of the last few decades: CRC cards, CLOS, design patterns, Agile, SOA, Wikis, UML, TDD, refactoring, Java, and Aspects. Onward! is about programming and software: processes, methods, languages, communities, and applications. DLS addresses dynamic languages: their implementation and application.

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