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The Microservices and DevOps Journey



Aviran Mordo talks about how microservices and DevOps go hand in hand, and what it takes to operate and build a successful microservices architecture from development to production.


Aviran Mordo is the head of back-end engineering at Wix. He has over 20 years of experience in the software industry and has filled many engineering roles and leading positions, from designing and building the US national Electronic Records Archives prototype to building search engine infrastructures.

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Recorded at:

Apr 09, 2016

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Community comments

  • Tools like Kafka and Eureka are needed up front

    by Matt Friedman,

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    Fantastic presentation overall.

    One thing I don't completely agree with: Often if you don't start with tools like Kafka you end up regretting not making the investment; you end up reimplementing what is already there and eventually switching to the tool anyway. The other point is that the investment isn't that big anymore. Getting up and running with some of these tools is becoming very easy.

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