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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Women in Blockchain, AI & Emerging Technologies

Women in Blockchain, AI & Emerging Technologies



The panelists discuss the role women currently play and the future of women involved in blockchain technologies.


Eileen Brewer (Director, Symantec) Holly Roland (VP, Oracle) Emma Todd (CEO, MMH Blockchain Group) Jessica Groopman (Industry Analyst, Kaleido Insights) Karpagam Narayanan (Founder, eKryp) Aarthi Srinivasan (Director, Target) – Moderator.

About the conference

Global Big Data Conference's vendor agnostic Global Blockchain Conference is held on April 2nd, April 3rd, & April 4th 2018 on all industry verticals(Finance, Retail/E-Commerce/M-Commerce, Healthcare/Pharma/BioTech, Energy, Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telco, Auto, Hi-Tech, Media, Agriculture, Chemical, Government, Transportation etc.. ). It will be the largest vendor agnostic conference in Blockchain space. The Conference allows practitioners to discuss Blockchain through effective use of various techniques.