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InfoQ Homepage Presentations I'd Hire More Women If They Would Apply!

I'd Hire More Women If They Would Apply!



Ronda Bergman discusses some of the common reasons women might not apply to certain companies and or job postings, exploring ways to make the hiring process more inclusive.


Ronda Bergman has been working as a software developer for 18+ years, primarily in the .NET. She has worked for large multi-national organizations and small startups. She is co-founder and lead consultant of EllaVatec, a diversity and inclusion consultancy. Co-founder and Chapter Leader of Girl Develop It Ann Arbor. A Software Artisan at Pillar Technologies, and VP of Ann Arbor .NET Developers.

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Deliver is a conference that brings people together to uncover better ways to deliver software and provide value within your organization and for your customers.Deliver is a conference for designers, testers, architects, project managers, developers, business analysts, product managers, infrastructure professionals, and others.

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Nov 23, 2018