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Introduction to Xamarin Cross-platform Development



Grant Davies introduces Xamarin and demos creating a cross-platform mobile application.


As the President and CEO of Bluetube, Grant Davies leads a group of digital experience pioneers who seamlessly blend the technical and creative to meet the client’s needs. He has a solid background in the IT Space, where he spent two decades working as a developer and an architect for Fortune 500 companies before moving into a leadership role and founding Bluetube.

About the conference

DEVNEXUS is the Southeast’s most exciting conference for professional software developers working with languages, tools, frameworks & methodologies connected to the Java platform. With attendance of over 1200 people, 10 tracks provide a fantastic learning experience for Core Java, Web, Cloud, Mobile, Data & Integration, HTML5, JavaScript, Alternative Languages, Agile & Architecture, UX/Git/DevOps.

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Aug 20, 2014