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XP at Unruly
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| by Arber Pllana Follow 0 Followers on Mar 26, 2014 |

Arber Pllana shares from his experience using XP at Unruly while scaling the infrastructure to handle a growing amount of traffic and data.


Arber Pllana is the EMEA Product Manager at Unruly, global leaders in social video and dedicated to Agile principles since its startup days in 2006. Arber has a cross-functional background that spans Operations, Product Support and Product Management. He's seen Unruly through a period of rapid growth from a team of just 30 to 130, now spanning a globally distributed network across 12 offices.

Agile Tour London is a conference, a part of the Global Agile Tour. Since its conception in 2008, it has become a hugely successful worldwide event spanning 30 different countries. The idea is simple yet powerful: create a world-wide network of local agile events open to everyone interested in Agility: From Confirmed Agile Practitioner to Agile Newbie.