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  • Uber Reduces Logging Costs by 169x Using Compressed Log Processor (CLP)

    Uber recently published how it dramatically reduced its logging costs using Compressed Log Processor (CLP). CLP is a tool capable of losslessly compressing text logs and searching them without decompression. It achieved a 169x compression ratio on Uber's log data, saving storage, memory, and disk/network bandwidth.

  • Fitting Presto to Large-Scale Apache Kafka at Uber

    The need for ad-hoc real-time data analysis has been growing at Uber. They run a large Apache Kafka deployment and need to analyse data going through the many workflows it supports. Solutions like stream processing and OLAP datastores were deemed unsuitable. An article was published recently detailing why Uber chose Presto for this purpose and what it had to do to make it performant at scale.

  • Adatao Launches Full Stack Data Intelligence Platform

    Adatao recently announced the general availability of its Data Intelligence platform. Its platform aims to make data analysis and predictive analytics available to everyone in large organizations. Adatao had secured an investment of $13 million last year from a group of investors including Bloomberg Beta, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Andreessen Horowitz.

  • Presto-as-a-Service: Interactive SQL Queries on AWS

    Presto, a technology from Facebook enabling interactive SQL queries on petabytes of data, has now taken a first step into mainstream adoption. Big Data startup Qubole has launched its Presto-as-a-Service alpha with integration to Amazon Web Services.