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Mobile DNUN: Danger Notification and User Navigation

Posted by Karthik Reddy Nalla Hosam El-Ocla on  Jul 11, 2017

This article show how geolocation can be used to create a Danger Notification and User Navigation (DNUN) application to save the location of users or objects for emergency rescue or later navigation.

Rethinking Lean Startup at a Big Corporate

Posted by Stéphane Wojewoda on  Jul 07, 2017

To achieve digital transformation, a company can build a "lab" or do it with its capabilities. Michael Nir explains how he coaches such a transformation for a Fortune 100 Insurance Provider Company.

Virtual Panel: High Performance Application in .NET

Posted by Pierre-Luc Maheu on  Jul 06, 2017

The panelists discuss high performance computing in .NET. The topics range from the main challenges they faced, to .NET Native and high performance in unconventional platforms.

Model-Based Software Engineering to Tame the IoT Jungle

Posted by Brice Morin Nicolas Harrand Franck Fleurey on  Jul 05, 2017

The ThingML approach addresses the challenges of distribution and heterogeneity in IoT. This model-driven, generative approach has been continuously evolved and applied to cases in different domains.

Robot Says "Culture" - Moving towards Teal

Posted by Ash Sheikh on  Jul 03, 2017

Let's explore the teal breakthroughs in self-management, evolutionary purpose and wholeness, and see how implementing teal-type working can lead to significant productivity and profitability gains.

Transforming from Projects to Products

Posted by John Yorke on  Jul 01, 2017

Are you ready for the fallout? Agile Transformation means changing our mindset from 'Projects' to delivering 'Products'. From measuring people based on effort, to measuring based on contribution

Developing a Secure and Scalable Web Ecosystem at LinkedIn

Posted by James Baker Mira Thambireddy on  Jun 30, 2017

LinkedIn’s hyper-growth placed strains on the organization’s infrastructure. A new release model was instrumental to scale and led to increased code quality, security, and member satisfaction.

Enabling IoT Ecosystems through Platform Interoperability

Posted by Arne Bröring Stefan Schmid Corina-Kim Schindhelm Abdelmajid Khelil Sebastian Käbisch Denis Kramer Danh Le Phuoc Jelena Mitic Darko Anicic Ernest Teniente on  Jun 30, 2017

The fragmentation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the lack of interoperability prevent the emergence of broadly accepted IoT ecosystems. The BIG IoT project aims to ignite such an ecosystem.

The Computest Story: The Transformation to an Agile Enterprise

Posted by Clemens Riedl Hartger Ruijs Sigi Kaltenecker on  Jun 29, 2017

This article explores how Computest followed their mission towards a self-managing organization. It shows how they aligned roles and responsibilities and applied Kanban to operationalize ideas.